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Caring for our elderly can be an extremely lonely and frustrating vigil, but caregiving can also be filled with a rich sense of closeness and satisfaction from the knowledge that you are doing your utmost to help your loved one.  At Caregiver’s Home, we are committed to serving you, the caregiver, with education, information, resources and support.

From the often sudden immersion into the role of caring for an elderly loved one to the myriad decisions on unfamiliar topics such as cancer treatment or diabetes care, home health care, professional caregiving or nursing home care, Caregiver’s Home is here to help you.

We work to help you balance your family life and career with elder care responsibilities by delivering you up-to-date information and access to important resources, as well as providing a reliable source of support as you move through this labor of love.

Our website is designed as a “home” for you -- to help you make important care decisions with informative articles and resources -- even personal advice from our caregiving Board of Experts.  We also provide you with a community: an online oasis where you can share feelings and tips, ask advice, and meet other caregivers.

Our resource directory has more than 40,000 entries, and our online archive has more than 2,500 articles on elder care, caregiver resources, family care giving, spousal caregiving and general healthcare. We even have weekly columns on Practical, Professional, Spousal and Spiritual caregiving, as well as online forums and links to other helpful sites.

Our monthly newsletter, Caregiver's Home Companion, delivers useful information on a variety of topics, including caregiver support and caregiver services.  You can also receive The Caregiver's Hotline, a weekly news update delivered directly to your email inbox, with the latest information on medical issues, long term care, and medications.

Please let us hear from you with your questions, comments or suggestions at Remember that we're here to help you help your loved ones and take better care of yourselves -- that's our pledge to you.

Headlines & Highlights


That Unsightly Cold Sore Could Trigger Cognitive Decline

Age-Related Conditions Develop Faster

Aspirin May Significantly Lower the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Severe Psoriasis

Enlarged Prostate and Cancer:

Dementia Risk at Your Fingertips: Online Test Could Pinpoint Troubling Signs

Timely Tips

Elderly Smoking Cessation

Dealing with Grief - Resources

The Brutal Personal Economics of Caregiving

Ask An Expert

Ins and Outs of Taxes and Family Caregiver Pay

What It Means When Dad 'Plays Possum'

Taxes: Is Paying for Home Care Tax Deductible?

Ask An Expert

Creating Memories by Routinely Avoiding the Everyday Routine

Redefining 'Service' in Caregiving Terms

Spousal Caregiving

Know the Many Possible Causes of Memory Loss

Successful Caregiver Advocacy


When Mom Wants to Break Up Your Relationship

When the Inevitable Moving Day Comes for Mom and Dad

Keeping Seniors Healthy

Question for Aging Men: Will Testosterone Spark Virility?

Is Dad Still Road-Worthy – Or Is It Time to Take the Keys?


Identify Your Market for Effective Use of Messaging and Media

3-Ms for Success: Message, Market, Media


Gaining Release: Healing Hands and Labyrinths

Tending to Spirituality's Physical Side: 2 Approaches

In The News

Staggering Shortage of Geriatric Specialists

Elderly Hospitalized Mostly for Heart Disease, Pneumonia

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