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Spousal Caregiving

By Bill Andrew

March 2009 Articles:

Know the Many Possible Causes of Memory Loss

Successful Caregiver Advocacy

January 2009 Articles:

Possible Ways to Cut Your Prescription Costs

You're Not Alone: Caregiving Views from Around the World

December 2008 Articles:

"Resolving" to Take Better Care of Yourself in 2009

Healing During the Holidays

November 2008 Articles:

My Thanksgiving Prayer

Caregiver Tips for Relieving Holiday Stress

October 2008 Articles:

The Process of Grieving: What Every Griever Should Know

Reflections on a Spouse's Death and My Post-Caregiving Life

September 2008 Articles:

Helping Yourself Heal When Your Spouse Dies

Closure: Celebrating Life and Beginning a New Journey

July 2008 Articles:

Reflection on 'Walking Alone' After Half Century of Marriage

Sadly and Lonely, I'll Walk Alone

Thanks for the Memories, Carol

June 2008 Articles:

My Caregiving Journey Has Ended!

April 2008 Articles:

A Caregiver's Thoughts on Tomorrow

Too Much Care? Too Little Help? Too Tiring!

March 2008 Articles:

I'm Glad We Can Help at Least a Bit

Fortitude: Another 'Must Have' Caregiver Virtue

February 2008 Articles:

Perseverance: When a Caregiver 'Hangs in There'

Caregiver Wanted: Patience Required (Do You Qualify?)

January 2008 Articles:

Humility: A Spousal Family Caregiver Virtue

It's Not Too Late to Make Your New Year's 'Intentions'

December 2007 Articles:

An Alzheimer's Caregiver's Christmas Wish

Defensive Holiday Eating and Drinking

November 2007 Articles:

Caregivers, Speak Up For Your Rights!

Celebrating Caregiver Recognition Month

October 2007 Articles:

What Readers Say About Their ?Labor of Love?

September 2007 Articles:

The Caregiver's Challenge of Intimacy & Sexuality

A Labor of Love: 'Labor Day' is Every Day

August 2007 Articles:

The Long Journey of Caregiving

Beating the Heat, Caregiving Style!

July 2007 Articles:

Stress Reducing Techniques That Work

Recognizing and Coping with Caregiver Stress, Depression

June 2007 Articles:

Caregiving and Emergency Planning: Are You Prepared?

Caregiving for Yourself: A Reader's Testimonial

May 2007 Articles:

Tips for Taking Care of the Caregiver

Don't Forget These Strategies to Sharpen Your Memory

April 2007 Articles:

Can You Help Me?

Readers React to Previous Columns

March 2007 Articles:

A Daughter's Testimony: Power of Positive Mental Attitude

February 2007 Articles:

Positive Mental Attitude Key to Caregiving Success

Make it 'Happy Valentine's Day' Year-Round

Thumbs Up: A Psychologist's Perspective of Support Groups

Support Groups A-Z: What's in it for You?

January 2007 Articles:

Minimizing Stress on Spousal Caregivers

78 -- And Counting!

Six Ways to Get Rid of Stress

December 2006 Articles:

Planning Your Caregiving Strategy for 2007

Gifts I'd Like to Receive from Healthcare Providers

We've Got the Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Believe In Yourself and Take Charge of Your Life

November 2006 Articles:

Are You Concerned About Your Blood Pressure?

A Caregiver's Thanksgiving Day Prayer

What Does 'Spousal Family Caregiving' Mean To You?

In Pursuit of 'National Spousal Caregivers Month'

October 2006 Articles:

On Surviving Spousal Caregiving's Cascade

Last Week's 'Sex and Intimacy' Column Hit Home

How Caregiving Changes the Roles of Sex and Intimacy

Ten Ways to a Healthier Life

September 2006 Articles:

Some Head Scratching Caregiver Diversions: I've Got 'em Here!

Education 101 -- Defining Your Caregiving Role

All Caregivers Need a Break: The Bible Tells Us So!

August 2006 Articles:

Caring for Carol -- a Journey of Love

More 'Dog Days' Humor (Can We Stand Any More?)

'Dog Days' Humor (and a Bit of Astrology) for Caregivers

A Healthy Caregiver is a More Effective Caregiver

July 2006 Articles:

How Is Your Caregiving 'Response-Ability'?

Are You Feeling Sleep-Challenged?

How to Boost Your Caregiver Energy

One Day at a Time

June 2006 Articles:

How Caregivers Can Maintain a Healthy Brain

The Personal Health Record: Don't Leave Home Without It!

Habits of Highly Effective Caregivers

May 2006 Articles:

10 Tips to Improve Your Memory

You Are NOT Alone!

April 2006 Articles:

How to Be a Healthy Caregiver

Expect the Unexpected

The Ultimate Computer Test

Are You or Your Spouse 'Nobodies?'

March 2006 Articles:

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Meeting the Caregiving Challenge

Stress Management Made Easy

Humor? Laughter? At a Time Like This?

February 2006 Articles:

One for the (Caregiving) Books

A Spousal Caregiver's Valentine Wish for You

Don't Let Getting Older 'Throw You for a Loop'

How Are Your Caregiving Energy Levels?

January 2006 Articles:

We All Need 'High Hopes' in Our Caregiving

Is Caregiving Dangerous to Your Health?

Tickling the Caregiver's Funnybone

A Grandchild's View of Caregiving

December 2005 Articles:

10 Tips for Making Your Caregiving New Year's Resolutions

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Who Are The Good Samaritans In Your Life?

Is Your Kite Still Flying?

Are You Hitting Caregiver 'Home Runs'?

November 2005 Articles:

Because Of You, My Love!

Are You Prepared For Disaster?

In Caregiving, He Who Laughs -- Lasts!

Looking Back on a Year of Spousal Caregiving

October 2005 Articles:

Are You a 'Caregiver Saint'?

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

A Spouse's Expression of Love

First Give Thanks, Then Do No Harm

September 2005 Articles:

Caregiver Education and Support: What Is Your Score?

What God Would Say to Caregivers

Dealing with Stress, Caregiver-Style

A 'Labor Day' Thought for Spousal Caregivers

August 2005 Articles:

My Devotion to You, Carol, Along Our Tragic Journey

Is Your Caregiving 'Playing Field' Level?

Is 'I' the First Letter in Your Caregiver Alphabet?

Heroic Virtue: A Platform for Caregiving

July 2005 Articles:

When Did You Last Count Your Blessings?

How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout -- We Have Tips

A 36-Hour Day? How Can That Be?

June 2005 Articles:

'Where Are We Going, Mommy?'

How to Maintain Your Memory Skills

Insider Advice: How to Obtain the Best Medical Care

How to Take Charge of Your Life as a Spousal Caregiver

The 'One-Day-at-a-Time' Caregiver Program

May 2005 Articles:

The Economics of Becoming a Caregiver By Default

Do You Want to Become a Better Spousal Caregiver?

Ridding the Bedroom of Cancer's 'Elephant'

A Spousal Caregiver's Self-Assessment on Stress

April 2005 Articles:

I Had a Dream: My Caregiver's Cross

Where Have All My Friends Gone?

My Personal Support Group Experience

Can a Support Group Make You a Better Caregiver?

March 2005 Articles:

A Caregiver's Prayer: Take Time ...

Dealing With the Loss of Friendship While Caregiving

Spousal Caregivers Are Actually Spousal ?Care Managers?

A Can't-Miss Recipe for Caregiver's Chicken Soup

Be Still, My Soul : It Works!

February 2005 Articles:

A Day in the Life of a Spousal Caregiver

Time-Tested Practical Tips for Spousal Caregivers

I?ll Be Loving You, Always -- On Valentine?s Too!

In Caregiving, It?s Pray, Hope -- and Don?t Worry!

January 2005 Articles:

?ASK Bill? Questions and (I Hope Helpful) Answers

Improving Caregiver/Doctor Communications

Opening the Door to Effective Caregiver/Doctor Communication

Making -- and Keeping -- Your New Year's Caregiving Resolutions

December 2004 Articles:

Caregiving in Hurricane Alley, What a Year!

A Christmas Gift of Giving


Accentuate the Positive!

A Prescription for Caregiving

November 2004 Articles:

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

The Vow: A Love Story

What Is True Love?

My Labor of Love!

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